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How far would you go to buy fresh fish? You don't have to go very far, since the Pelagus family business, which is part of the "Papadimitriou Bros GP" business that has been operating since 1967, brings fresh fish to you. With a tradition and culture that goes from generation to generation, Pelagus is the name of credibility when it comes to fresh fish. The fish, however cooked, remains delicious while its nutrients contribute to the proper functioning of the body. In Pelagus most fish arrive fresh on your plate from their own boat, while they cooperate with boats that all fish in the waters of the Cyclades.  The company has as a guiding principle and commitment on the part of the owners, the provision only of quality products to the consumer, so that a relationship of mutual trust can be established. The equipment and hygiene conditions meet all the necessary conditions so that the fish are not altered at all in quality but also in taste until they reach the consumer. Since 1999 the company has enriched its fresh fish with a range of frozen products at the request of its customers. Pelagus also offers salt and delicatessen items that can satisfy even the most demanding palate. So when you want fresh fish and seafood, now you know, blindly, visit Pelagus. Our excellent quality will make you include fresh fish in your daily diet.



10 Tripotamos Avenue Tinos, 842 00, Greece


(+30) 22834 00444

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We are waiting for you in one of our stores: Athens: Gyzi Square 7 Tel. 210 6434062 & 210 6445326 Tinos: 10 Tripotamos Avenue Tel: (+30) 22834 00444