quality tinian goods

“O Mporas” first opened its doors in 1960. From those times to today, many things have changed. Still, in Mporas’ renovated butcher shop, quality of products and fine service remain a common and inalterable denominator till nowadays.
With great tradition in quality tinian goods production and trade – always at the same focal point of Evangelistria Str. – you shall find local products such as beef coming directly from the owners’ farm or the nearby Komi, Kalloni and Aetofolia villages along with local kid and lamb by Tinian stockbreeders, selected pork and chicken by Greek suppliers, handmade pork or beef sausage and naturally, the best louza in the island. “Louza is made of clear pork loin which is salted for a few days and then it is dipped into brousko red wine with spices. Next, it is placed in intestine and is dried for 1-2 months (depending on the weather conditions) and finally, it is cut into pieces”, Mr. Keladitis explains concerning the preparation of the delight which perfectly accompanies salads, tsipouro and wine. Also, in Mporas you will find local products of the Agricultural association of Tinos such as kopanisti, graviera cheese, volaki, Tinos cheese as well as caper in a jar, honey, sea fennel (kritamos) from selected producers.



Evangelistrias 25
Tinos, 842 00, Greece