Callas Gastromusic

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Gastronomic beats in the heart of Tinos. Gastronomic beats in the center of the island

Flavors and music for lasting enjoyment

Since 2021 the most central alley of Tinos, exudes an air of renewal and a unique atmosphere. Callas Gastromusic opened its doors widely and offers its guests the enjoyment of taste and fun, in its own way.

The card of his menu is based on the theory of comfort food, fully covering the needs of the visitor who is vacationing on the island. Savory and sweet flavors are served in highly filling dishes, completing the palette of relaxation and enjoyment created by the atmospheric environment of the restaurant.

It is your number one choice for brunch, so that it has become the hotspot of the island very quickly, where groups gather early to organize their holiday plans, over the excellent dishes of Callas. As the day progresses, the baton is taken by the stylish music, that put the alley of the island in rhythms of frantic fun.

The sophisticated cocktails contained in his menu make you want to go again and again, to try them all. Note here, that the service is impeccable and the staff selected so carefully that it is worth visiting just for their warm smile and excellent service. You have a great time when you know you are going somewhere and you are being looked after so specially.



Παξιμάδη 14, Τήνος 842 00 TEL.(+30) 22830 23298