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In Tinos, an island that has preserved its natural beauty with a rich tradition in art, Cycladic architecture and gastronomy, we created the Aeolos Bay Tinos Hotel which consists of 69 rooms. Our hotel is built right on the beach front of Agios Fokas, the largest beach of the island, overlooking the island of Delos.

For us, each visitor is special and unique; therefore, our team works exclusively to provide them with the maximum local experience. A long-standing goal of our family and our hotel team for several decades is to offer unforgettable summer stays based on the subjective interests of each traveler.

Aeolos Bay Hotel actively participates in the local community, our restaurant is powered by local farms, while actively supporting many local cultural activities.

The air, the light, the authentic hospitality, the natural beauty of Tinos with its picturesque villages as well as the aroma of the sea contribute to our travelers to feel carefree and to leave with unforgettable special memories making them to come back over and over again.

How does your hotel team help guests get the most out of their trip to Tinos?

The average stay in Tinos is relatively short, about 5 to 6 days, so the traveler wants to maximize the experience as best as possible in a relatively short time while perhaps combining their stay with other Cycladic islands. This is why our hotel aims to cover the need for essential experiences that connect our guests with the place.

The third generation of the Foskolos family, Elizabeth, an American-educated, psychology graduate of Columbia and Harvard University, and Pindaros an oral surgeon were repatriated for their love of hospitality and the Greek light that has been passed into their DNA from their family.

Elizabeth Foskolos: "The psychology of happiness and mindfulness in life is the core of our philosophy in our hotel as well. Our entire hospitality philosophy is built around the "Feel Like a Local" concept, connecting affordable luxury with the stay. We aim to propose the top things to do during their stay by the providing the necessary information and even arranging short  tours to give the traveler the view of the authentic local culture. For us, the word of mouth is the main way to promote our hotel, working methodically on the satisfaction of the traveler while turning each one into our most influential and enduring advertisement. "

Aeolos Bay Hotel, inaugurates a new era, with the ongoing renovation and with exciting projects to expect the years to come.  We will have the help of Villy Baka, who has international experience of strategic communication and curation in the fields of luxury & lifestyle, while she has the artistic curation of V.intager.

Tell us a bit more about V.intager:

Villy Baka: "V.intager offers artistic direction (creative direction, curation), styling and communication combining them with a holistic approach to the aesthetic spectrum. V.intager is intended for the eyes that travel, seeking to capture the beauty of effortless grace and the emotions, or mood, associated with a particular place, person or thing (overall ambience).



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Aeolos Bay Hotel

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From proposals in the local markets and experiences through selected collaborations with high-end brands, the only goal remains the creation of authentic long-term connections with the respective brand but also the collaboration with people who embrace diversity and creativity. Every day, I look for particular pieces that have been created by craftsmen and artists locating them in markets and antiques around the world. Almost everyone perceives aesthetics as a special feature of luxury products, forgetting that money is not just a measure of taste but the medium in unique relevant micro-moments that emphasize the versatility that characterizes luxury. During the pandemic we all had a unique opportunity for introspection: our health, adaptability and authentic connections are at the core of our inner clarity and sustainability. Now, every experience and brand, respectively, must offer inspiring content, suggestions and stories truly unique and personalized to create added value and inspiration at all levels of the customer's lifestyle. We at Aeolos Bay will work hard to improve our hotel every year and promise an unforgettable stay. We hope to see you abroad soon!