Little Marseille

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French air blew in the Ysternia 


A fish soup made by the fishermen in Marseille with the fish that had not been sold, meant to become a trademark of the city and very soon Bouillabaisse entered the most chic restaurants.


So, at the hearing of  "Little Marseille" ,that opened this year in the bay of Ysternia, we know that we will meet a high standard gastronomy restaurant. 


The Executive Chef Michalis Tzovas and the chef Haris Boniano took care of the menu.


Their cooperation set the bar of delight very high, making the veranda of Ysternia well worth visiting as the place where we can find the restaurant “Little Marseille".


Faithful to the flavors that the Mediterranean palette gives us, in combination with new techniques and trends from international cuisines, but always taking tradition into account, the menu of “Little Marseille” is a piece of art on its own.


The excellent location, the architectural infrastructure, the quality service and the fresh local flavors, flesh the already complete menu out and cause for the visitor a sensation awakening. 


If you want to taste experiences for discerning palates, from the simplest to the most complex option, “Little Marseille” gathers the "broth" of gastronomy in every dish.



Isternia bay
Tinos, 842 00, Greece