Anthea Hotel

Anthea is a fresh yet subtle approach to hotel living.

Aegean Sea. Island of Tinos.

We awoke in cool sheets with lavender. Οn the way to breakfast, sweet music and the smell of baked bread filled the air. A breakfast, fuller than many other meals…

Later a walk downhill on the age old stone path surrounded by chapels, coloured geraniums, wind mills and dovecotes. Anthea is built so that it refers directly to one of the local villages: stone, marble and wood. My roof terrace, your veranda…

Cutting through lemon groves, orchards and wild reeds in the sand –seagulls lifted off to meet the sky—running we made it to the sea.

We were accompanied by the Aegean blue, the permanent light blue of the Cycladic sky and the blonde of Tinos landscape. We arrived through orchards and reed beds on the beach. We played hide and seek with the sun, we built sand castles. We dived into the crystal clear waters of Agios Fokas and emerged in brilliant light.

Welcome to the unexpected...

Welcome to relaxation!


Free Parking


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Aghios Fokas
Tinos, 842 00, Greece